written and performed by Andrew Gaboury

choreographed and directed by Kallee Lins

with the outside eye of Thea Fitz-James

totem. is an exploration of one man’s emotional, mental landscape as he confronts his crumbling relationship and is presented with a fantastic manifestation of his ideals. totem. began life as a short story, mostly written by stream-of-conscious, influenced by the performance of spoken-word poetry. To help bring it from story to stage, Andrew enlisted the help of choreographer/director Kallee Lins.

Early versions of the script were performed at Theatre Caravel’s Sea Change, and as part of Cathy Gordon’s HAMMER (Summerworks 2013).

totem. first appeared at the James North Studio in Hamilton as part of the 2013 Hamilton Fringe Festival. It was later refined and brought to Toronto in a double-bill with NAKED LADIES and the help of hub14.



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